Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Skin cancer center
The treatment of skin cancer depends on tumor type, stage of its evolution, its size and location as well as your overall health and medical history. In most cases, the goal of treatment is to remove or completely destroy the tumor.

Before the consultation, it is useful to make a list of things to ask. To make it easier to remember what the doctor said, take notes or use a recorder. Some patients prefer to be accompanied by a family member or friend when they speak with the doctor.

The doctor may refer a patient to a specialist or the patient may ask you to do. Specialists who treat skin cancer are dermatologists, surgeons and radiation oncologists.

Obtaining a second opinion:

Before starting treatment, patients should get a second opinion on the diagnosis, disease stage and treatment plan. Gather the results of medical tests and prepare to consult another doctor may take some time. In most cases, a brief delay does not diminish the effectiveness of treatment. To be sure, talk to your doctor about this delay in starting treatment. In severe cases treatment must be immediate.

Key questions to inform the doctor before treatment:

• What is the stage of cancer?

What are my treatment options? What are the benefits of each type of treatment?
What are the risks and possible side effects of each type of treatment? You can avoid the side effects?
The treatment may affect the appearance? If the treatment affect my appearance, or a plastic surgeon can help?
• How will treatment affect daily life? For how long?
• What is the estimated cost of treatment? This treatment can be paid by insurance?
How often have need to consult the review?


Publius said...

ahhh, cancer sucks... great info, thanks!

Crisalys said...

It's scary how many cases of skin cancer are now comparing with other years.

defcon said...

Yeah, this is scary!!

kh0ndor said...

Nice post

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