Thursday, January 5, 2012

New psoriasis treatments

Psoriasis is like a puzzle where each piece has its role. Scientists worldwide are working to solve a series of revolutionary treatments.

Several investigations are currently underway on the advantages of molecular biology. The main objective of this research is to identify the genetic and immunological factors in the onset of psoriasis.

Advances made in studying the human genome allows us to understand the complex genetic and identify the appropriate treatments.
Cell research - Polymorphonuclear neutrophils are involved in inflammatory reactions in the skin. Some psoriatic today is focused on this cell type and tries to find an answer to two fundamental questions:What attracts polymorphs and T lymphocytes to the skin? After being activated, it affects the functions of the skin such as psoriasis and become a chronic disease?

In addition to polymorphs and T lymphocytes, are also involved in the fibroblasts and endothelial cells. Scientists study the cellular messengers that disrupt communication between cells in psoriasis.
The molecular therapies in the future will become more accurate and have fewer side effects. New drugs are currently in testing due to be available within two years. They use a number of molecules that have a specific effect on the inhibition of lymphocyte TO main objective is to reduce the number of outbreaks of psoriasis.

If you can control these molecules may be possible to eliminate the psoriatic plaque.Psoriasis is referred to as disturbances in immune functions of the skin. The existing drugs work by inhibiting immune responses in the skin, but have side effects, so scientists are looking for cells that can be controlled more easily and with less risk.Scientists are also trying to improve the immunosuppressants that can be managed locally and will soon be better tolerated. These medications can be used as a vaccine, ointment or pill.


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