Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shots for Psoriasis

Surveys over the last decade have led to finding new methods and therapies and care of Phase 3 approval from regulators. The scientists used the research on the immune cells with cells of type T and dentrocitos. Are used as chemical signals that may interact with each other. Drugs follow two strategies, the strategy and anti-T cell anticytokine strategy. Both are available for patients such as psoriasis
1) Taclonex Scalp is a topical ointment to treat psoriasis related to the scalp,

2) Xtrac Velocity excimer laser system that produces a beam of high intensity ultraviolet light to treat severe psoriasis.

3) Adalimuab (Humira) approved this treatment, and this allows us to treat moderately severe psoriasis. The Adalimumab allows treat psoriatic arthritis.


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