Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Plaque psoriasis

What is Plaque psoriasis?
Plaque psoriasis is the most common type of psoriasis and more cases in our society, this type has as main characteristic the skin red and scaly, in general has a round shape with several layers of dry skin.
These scales are silver and usually cover the entire affected part, with the scales we will be releasing more and more.
Plaques cause some itching, the scratching can check the appearance of small drops of blood.
The plaques of psoriasis vary in number and size, the reddish color is more intense in the end than at the center, and may different thicknesses depending on the severity of psoriasis.
Plaque psoriasis can appear in different body sites, the most common are the arms, knees, back, hair but may also appear on the face and sensitive parts.
The itching caused by psoriasis does not affect all people, but the act of scratching may contribute to further expose the disease.


Chris said...

Wow, this kind of looks like what I had on my toe once. My doctor didn't know what it was(she is fucking retarded). It covered the area of about a penny.

King Saso said...

I get strange felling in my stomach when I see picture like this :/

THE DARE said...

This doesnt look so good :/

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